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Although the basement might not be your favorite room in your home, it is the area that supports your house during thick snow, heavy rain and extreme heat. Typically, when a homeowner is thinking about increasing the value of their home, they look into repainting the home’s exterior or remodeling the kitchen. The idea of waterproofing their basement is usually not the first thing most of them come up with. Check out more basement waterproofing info at this website to get started.

Exterior waterproofing systems are intended to prevent water from getting into your basement, because water may seep through floor cracks, ceilings, or walls. They also protect your home from mold growth, structural damage, water stains, and foundation problems. Interior waterproofing, on the other hand, requires removing and replacing the concrete slab, installing a drain pipe under said slab, and draining the area to a lower altitude. Here are some of the many benefits of a basement waterproofing product.

Reduce Energy Costs

One of the most attractive benefits of waterproofing your basement or crawl space is that you may actually be able to save on a significant amount of money on your energy bills! By sealing up old cracks, you can boost your energy efficiency by keeping cold air from coming in during the fall and winter seasons. On the other hand, during the warmer and wetter months, when seepage and cracks in your foundation result in excess moisture coming into the home, your air conditioner requires more energy to work in eliminating of the warm moist air. Keep in mind that humidity plays an important role in air conditioning efficiency.

Increased Storage Space

When your basement is wet, damp, or moldy, it is not possible to store your belongings there. Water and dampness can cause devastating damage to furniture, old photos, appliances, electronics, clothes, and other important memorabilia. A lot of unfortunate and unprepared home owners have lost loved and irreplaceable keepsakes, photos, clothing, and other heirlooms because of basement floods. A waterproofed basement is a safe basement. You can store your goods there and rest assured that they will be dry, safe, and free from damage.

Improving and Maintaining the Structural Integrity of Your Home

The moment water begins seeping into a building’s foundation, the structure also begins to deteriorate. Severe damage can consequently happen, particularly in your basement and to your home’s foundation. Basement waterproofing technicians are experienced and skilled at doing their job to ensure that you will not spend thousands of dollars in repairs in the future.

Visit http://www.ehow.com/how_4816745_complete-basement-waterproofing.html for more details.


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